Is the number of persons with disabilities employed by the state both calculated and published?


Question 4 refers to the employment of persons with disabilities by the national government, if the government itself fulfils its duties, and, finally, if it also publishes facts and figures. With Social Indicators of 2.8, both Latin America and Oceania are the laggards in this field.



Both Latin America and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, and smaller islands in the Pacific) show very low Social Indicators of 2.8, followed closely by most of the other world regions. In Europe, a Social Indicator of 2.0 points to a mixed set of existing publishing policies.


Published for the executive branch of the federal government here: Data is not readily available for other branches of the federal government or for state government. Employees must self-report their disability in order to be counted.
United States

The evaluation by the federal government came to the conclusion that progress is not sufficient. The percentage of persons with disabilities employed with the federal government has risen from 1.0 to 1.5 per cent; but only the federal government is covered by this regulation.

Published only when it is about functional grades and when they determine the proportion of 5 per cent of persons with disabilities. Their names can be downloaded in the official newspapers with the type of disability and place of employment and qualification.

The figure is calculated by the State Statistics Agency but not available to the public. We gained access to such information through the request from the Society of Disabled People of Uzbekistan (NGO).