Did the percentage of persons with disabilities employed increase in calendar year 2015?


Question 2 of the Zero Project Social Indicator 2017 refers to the percentage of persons with disabilities in employment. The results are close to devastating: The survey indicates that the numbers of employed persons with disabilities are deteriorating almost all over the world.



All indicators (again, with the possible exception of North America) are far below 2.0, showing that employment percentages are deteriorating worldwide. The situation seems to be extremely bad in northern Africa, but also in Europe, with a Social Indicator of 2.5.


The monthly employment statistics from the Current Population Survey (ages 16 and up) do not show a significant difference between employment-to-population rates in August 2015 and August 2016, especially not relative to the increase in employment-to-population rates for people without disabilities.
United States

Although the employment figures vary, we do not have reliable statistics as to whether the public and private sector meet the required 2.0 per cent quota.

Unemployment has been rising disproportionately since 2006, more than twice as high as elsewhere in the population over the past three years. Employment figures of people with impairment continue to fall. Existing figures are not sufficiently detailed. People with intellectual impairment are classified as “not workable” and not as unemployed.

Anecdotally, we know more companies are employing persons with disabilities. However, we do not have comparative data to see what kind of increase there is. The government said 650 persons with disabilities have been employed under the Open Door Programme, which subsidises workplace accommodations.