Is an audio version, a sign language translation, and a plain language version of the UN CRPD available on an official state website, in all official languages of your country?


Question 5 asks about a basic requirement of the UN CRPD, that is, if the full text of the Convention has been officially published and is also available in alternative and accessible versions. Especially respondents from lower income countries state that the UN CRPD is not fully available and accessible for all.



It seems to be a comparatively easy measure to make the text of the UN CRPD officially available and accessible for all. However, few countries have made the complete effort so far.


A simple language version of translation exist on the link, but not in sign language.
Czech Republic

Plain language has to include symbols and pictures for easier understanding.

Yes, the convention has simple text, but there is no translation in gesture.

There is no audio version or sign language translation of the Convention available on the official state website. The Convention is not available in Swahili and neither is it available in any local languages for ease of understanding for persons with disabilities. The Convention is only available in English.

Only a text version, plain English, and children’s version; there is no audio version or sing language translation. Official language in Australia is English and only other translations linked to international UN human rights website.