Is there reliable information about the accessibility of tourism, sport, and leisure services and facilities in your city?


Question 21 covers the availability of reliable information about the accessibility of touristic sites as well as sport and cultural events. North American respondents voted with a uniform and unique 1.0, whereas all other regions noted that the topic is in its infancy, though some progress has been made.



The indicator of information related to the accessibility of tourism, sport, and leisure is a complex one, and in fact asks for a variety of information. At 2.5, this indicator is very low, but data from many countries point out that in many countries some initiatives have been developed.


There is a database with such information but it is not accessible to deaf people.

Often the accessible information about tourism covers only one disability, for example, wheelchair users or hard of hearing.

The interest in inclusive tourism has just started in the country. Thus, data on inclusive tourism are based on piloting initiatives. The government has not yet built a data system about this matter.

The New South Wales local government is currently working with civil society organizations and the University of Technology, Sydney, to make this better.

Data is available about sports through the Special Olympics and the Paralympics Committee in the country.

But to read the information, I need to ask friends, family, or volunteers.

Although available, the information needs to be available in alternative accessible formats!
Trinidad and Tobago