Are official statistics published covering the number of persons with disabilities who graduate from university (and tertiary education in general)?


Please describe, if possible, how identification of such students has been made as, for example, many students with invisible disabilities choose not to self-identify at university level. 

In detail

An outstanding 63% of respondents confirm such statistics are not officially published or available due to several underlying reasons:

  • Inconsistent or unreliable statistics incomplete initiatives: most countries stated that statistics are not available centrally by social service ministries or other responsible ministries
  • Statistics on graduates with disability are often census-reliant, or depend NGOs’ surveys
  • Ethics: For Privacy, data protection/confidentiality reasons, statistics on gender, ethnicity, age on PWDs are not available in many countries (i.e.: Ivory Coast). For example, students may choose not to be labelled as “‘having a disability”