Do university students with disabilities have access to alternative testing methods?


This question refers only to university students. In the US, for example, some universities offer courses that require students to sit no exams – their performance is measured by way of course work, assignments etc. Please describe what measures, if any, are being taken to provide alternative testing methods to those with disabilities? 

In detail

39% of respondents have confirmed that students have access to alternative testing methods in certain conditions and circumstances, which are often restricted to certain disabilities, or in available in certain universities. Though many children with disability may not reach university studies, there are several specific testing methods for diverse types of disabilities available:

  • Technology, software, testing methods allowing to write in Braille
  • training of staff (Thailand); special college programmes adapted to student’s needs (Philippines)
  • Support services available such as “On Campus Support” for students diagnosed with disability (such as in the USA, Ireland, India, Ghana)