Is there a legal requirement for public sector bodies’ websites and websites of publicly available services in your country to be accessible to all persons with disabilities?


“Public sector bodies” means the State, regional or local authorities, bodies or associations governed by public law. “Websites of publicly available services” means a website used to deliver a service made available to the public. For instance, educational establishments, leisure services employment services, health care, mutual services, etc. ‘Web-accessible’ means a website or web-based service (including those designed for mobile devices and/or use) which is easy to browse, navigate, understand, operate, interact with and use safely, securely, independently, and with dignity by a person with a disability under all circumstances (including emergency cases).If “Yes” or “Yes, with qualifications” please describe any significant differences between the legal situation and the reality of everyday life.

In detail

According to 59 percent of respondents websites of public sector bodies and for publicly available services are not required by law to be accessible to all persons with disabilities. Only 13 percent replied with yes, such legislation exists in their respective country. In these cases, where a law is in place, there seems to be a lack of enforcement, therefore still not all websites of public bodies are accessible (Myanmar, Finland, Poland, Sweden).