Is the official electorate information produced by the Election Management Body accessible to all?


This question ask if the official electorate information, produced by the Election Management Body, regarding information on elections, voter registration, modalities of voting and accessibility of voting procedures, ballots and facilities – is available in various forms (including sign language, accessible to screen-readers, audio, braille, electronic and easy-to-read and understand versions).

In detail

40% of respondents replied the official electorate information is only partially accessible and easy to understand, or is only available in some accessible formats. A few key issues were emphasised such as:

  • Inaccessible language and website: websites are not accessible for all types of disability, visually impaired people especially struggle with accessing such information and there is no easy read language. Along with people with cognitive or psychosocial disabilities, they are most jeopardized by the lack of official electoral information in accessible formats. Braille was reported to be unavailable in a few countries.
  • Lack of implementation mechanisms: laws on social inclusion of PWDs involves provisions relating to the circulation of media during the electoral campaign such as alternative voting procedures. However, there are often no clear regulations or instructions stating how the information material should be communicated.