Does data exist on the number of teachers at mainstream schools (primary and secondary) that have received in-service training during the past year to teach and accommodate students with special educational needs?

In detail

Already the existence of teachers training (question 27) is not widely spread and leaves still room for improvement. But when it comes to data about the number of teachers at mainstream schools of primary and secondary school who received in service training it is even more so. Only 6 percent of respondents said such data exist while 47 percent stated in some way that teacher training and data about it exists but only with qualifications. In some countries the number of teachers are registered at each institution or school but no national data is available to get an overview and use the results as a basis for further nation-wide action or advocacy (New Zealand; Ukraine; Malawi; Austria; Afghanistan; Singapore; USA;). The training which teachers receive in-service is not a national standard but undertaken by private organisations, NGOs or the specific school itself (New Zealand, Afghanistan). This makes it difficult to monitor the quality of the training.