Are official statistics published annually covering, at the minimum, the number, age group, gender ethnicity and primary disability for all persons with disabilities living in residential care settings?


This question refers only to official statistics and only to “institutions”. The official figures need to cover all types of residential care where persons with disabilities live together in a group. These include: social care institutions (also referred to as centres for placement and rehabilitation etc.), psychiatric institutions (also referred to as asylums), boarding schools for children, orphanages, sheltered housing, group homes, old people’s homes and all other forms of residential care, so that all forms of residential care are covered.,  etc. As important as whether such data are available is their quality. If they are available, are they of acceptable quality?

In detail

42.5% of respondents agreeing that no such statistics are officially published due to absent frameworks to support data collection, or other barriers such as:

  • Ethics: statistics are not accountable of the current situation due to Privacy, data protection and confidentiality reasons
  • Statistics often lack in accuracy, especially since they are dependent on censuses and thus on whether people with disabilities are registered.
  • Initiatives to collect such data are often reported to be incomplete, or ineffective