Is there a legal time frame for all existing buildings, to which there is public access, to be made accessible to all persons with disabilities?


Accessibility should be based on widely known and respected sets of criteria. This ensures both that it meets the interest of all persons with disabilities, and that it conforms to the highest standards. And it refers not only to the built environment itself but also to signage. If there is legislation in place, what is the timeframe for all existing buildings to be accessible to all persons with disabilities? If there is no timeframe set by legislation, is it planned? And if so, when is it expected to enter into law – if at all?

In detail

According to the responses of experts having a legal framework for making newly constructed buildings accessible not necessarily goes along with a time frame set by legislation – only 22 percent replied that a legally binding time frame exists to have all buildings made accessible for all persons with disabilities. 59 percent of respondents replied with no – such legally binding time frame does not exist in their respective country.