If the state has signed, or ratified, the Convention, has it designated ‘focal points’ within government to address matters relating to the Convention’s implementation?
For those states that have ratified the Convention, in line with Article 33, Paragraph 1, ‘State Parties’ need to designate one or more ‘focal points’ within government ‘for matters relating to the implementation’ of the Convention. In addition, in line with the other two paragraphs in this article, there need not only to be ‘independent mechanisms’ to ‘promote, protect and monitor’ its implementation, but also ‘civil society’ needs to be involved and participate ‘fully’ in the monitoring process. A ‘Yes’ means both that ‘focal points’ have been designated and meet regularly, and that civil society is involved and participates ‘fully’ in the process of monitoring the state’s implementation of the convention. A ‘Qualified/Partial’ response means that some, but not all, focal points may be in place, or that they do not meet regularly or have not met in the last 12 months. Or that they may exist, but that civil society may not yet be involved. A ‘No’ means that there are neither any focal points nor is there any involvement by civil society.

Relates to Convention Article:

  • No.33, National implementation and monitoring

In detail

Article 33 prescribes that “States Parties, in accordance with their system of organization, shall designate one or more focal points within government for matters relating to the implementation of the present Convention… Civil society, in particular persons with disabilities and their representative organizations, shall be involved and participate fully in the monitoring process”.

Article 33 CRPD is arguably the most complete provision on national level implementation and monitoring ever in an international human rights treaty. Given its novelty, there is little experience to draw from on the implementation of this provision. The options given as answer give an additional idea of how to evaluate the implementation on this obligation for those states that have ratified the Convention.