Is the ministry of education responsible for the education of all children, including children with disabilities?


The lack of coordination across all education providers reduces the opportunities for children with disabilities to attend school. Valuable financial resources can be used more efficiently and inclusion can only be achieved if one government authority, the ministry of education, is responsible for the education of all children.

In detail

It is considered highly important by international organisations and DPOs to ensure the education of children with disabilities is under the authority of the mainstream education ministry and not seen as a separate issue or charitable act (DFID). This is not to say that education, health and other ministries should not work together but in order to emphasize inclusion one responsible authority for all children is considered an important milestone. In most countries that is (already) the case: More than half of respondents (57 percent) replied with yes, in their state one authority is responsible for the education of all children. In New Zealand schools are reported to be self managing and autonomous and are required to report to their communities on how they use the funds and how they meet the needs of students with special education needs (Sally Jackson, New Zealand).