Is an audio version, a sign language translation and a plain language version of the Convention available on an official state website, in all official languages of the country?


Plain Language has to include symbols and pictures for easier understanding.

In detail


50% of negative replies confirmed there is no available accessible format on an official state website. Highlighted obstacles in making the convention accessible for all on an official state website include:

  • No translation available due to government’s opposition to translation
  • Partial availability due to too many languages being translated
  • Translation is done by the third sector or civil society groups

“On official websites only Armenian version of it is available. There are plain language and audio versions, but they are done by NGO-s.” (Rubina Davtyan, Project Coordinator, National Disability Advocacy Coalition of Armenia, Armenia)

“In Belgium, Dutch, French and German are recognised as official languages. I don’t think that in each community or at the federal level all of these formats are being provided. However, efforts are being done to provide easy to read versions of important international treaties, e.g. the Disability Action Plan 2006-2015 of the Council of Europe” (Rudi Kennes, Director- expert on inclusion, Flemish Agency for People with a Disability, Belgium)

“Plain language and Maori versions are available – on the DPO, NOT State website […] though the State has signed the Convention. Privately it has been translated into the Bangla language. But government has not yet declared it as an official Bangla version. So there is no Plain language version of it. Government has reluctant to publish the braille, audio version, sign language and plain language version of CRPD.” (Salma Mahbub- Protibonhi Nagarik Shangathaner Parishad (PNSP)- Bangladesh)

CRPD Article

Article 49- Accessible Format

“The text of the present Convention shall be made available in accessible formats.”

(UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities)