Is the number of persons with disabilities employed by the state both calculated and published?


While the question is about the availability of this figure, the figure itself is also important. If such a figure is available, please provide it, together with a source and, if possible, an internet link.

In detail

45% of respondents replied negatively, claiming statistics of persons with disabilities employed by the state are neither calculated nor published. The barriers preventing this include:

  • Inconsistent statistics and lack of initiatives for implementation: there is often no government requirement or system in place to collect and produce employment, a lack of cooperation between ministries to produce statistics or timeframes to complete surveys
  • Distortion and disharmonised of statistics: statistics on employment rely on registration/Status of those who are registered only (i.e: “worker with disability”, legally qualified as having a disability through a medical Certificate. There are also clashes between federal, regional statistical databases which are based on different definitions of disability which weigh on the bias of data.
  • Unofficial or publically unavailable: statistics on employment are often only available on request or available from other unofficial sources