In your country, is the information about banking services (i.e. bank accounts, loans, mortgages) accessible to all persons with disabilities?
The information about banking services may be provided through printed documents, the website or through the advice of the staff. Any exceptions qualify for ‘Yes, with qualifications’. If ‘Yes, with qualifications’, please indicate why.

Relates to Convention Article:

  • No.9, Accessibility
  • No.21, Freedom of expression and opinion, and access to information

In detail

Article 21 of the CRPD elaborates in more detail how the accessibility of information and communication can be ensured in practice. Inter alia, private entities providing services to the general public, including through the Internet, are urged to provide information and services in accessible and usable formats for persons with disabilities (section (c)).

The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has confirmed that equal access to banking services should be granted to all. And access to banking services information is the first step toward enjoying the right to control one’s own financial affairs.