Extended Call2016

When a disaster occurs, caused either by men (war and other form of violence) or by nature (earthquake, etc.), everything becomes an urgent issue. Education can very easily be forgotten and be considered as something less vital than, for instance, food and shelter. But what kind of future a population could have, if its children and youth are not educated? Especially youth with disabilities, they will find it hard to get a job.

Inclusive education must be part of the solution provided during a crisis. It is the basis to forge solidarity and makes people resilient and stronger. It will prepare their minds to understand diversity as a chance for a brighter future.

Of course, in practice, it is very difficult to address such a challenge. If you work for inclusive education in an emergency, please consider to share your experience with us and nominate your effort. The literature on this issue is rather limited, despite all the tremendous and very dedicated work that some experts did so far. In our activities, we will continue to highlight it.