Thank you again for accepting to evaluate our shortlist of projects for the Zero Project Impact Transfer program 2020/2021. Your evaluation is very important to us and will help us select the most relevant 10 projects for this year´s Impact Transfer program. We are particularly interested to know which projects seem most replicable and relevant to your specific contexts and fields of work.

You can view all 19 projects below. When you click on a project, a project page will open including:

  • key information on the project,
  • a summary video of the project and a short video where they explain their motivation to join our program (where these videos are available – captions for all videos can be accessed using the YouTube caption settings)
  • links to further resources (including their detailed applications for both the Zero Project and the Impact Transfer program).

We welcome your scoring for all projects, and kindly ask you to score at least 5 projects, using the keywords to help you filter the projects that are most relevant to you. Please send us your filled-in evaluation template by the evening of Friday Sept 18th.

myAbility Talent® Programme, Austria

KEYWORDS: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, vocational training, higher education, job coaching, consultancy


PFDA Vocational Training Centre, Bangladesh

KEYWORDS: Bangladesh, vocational training, job placement, neurodevelopmental disorders

Egalite Diversity & Inclusion, Brazil

KEYWORDS: Brazil, recruitment platform, e-learning, start-up

Instituto Clemente, Brazil

KEYWORDS: Brazil, supported employment, intellectual disabilities, community

JAMBA – Career for All, Bulgaria

KEYWORDS: Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, vocational training, job matching, recruitment platform 

Avalon Employment, Canada

KEYWORDS: Canada, autism, intellectual disabilities, supported employment 

Fundación Ronda, Chile

KEYWORDS: Chile, consultancy, training

Seco Chile, Chile

KEYWORDS: Chile, social enterprise, inclusive workplace

Kadiwaku Family Foundation, Democratic Republic of the Congo

KEYWORDS: Democratic Republic of Congo, self-employment, entrepreneurship

Helm, Egypt

KEYWORDS:  Egypt, inclusive workplace, accessibility, consultancy, training

Majidah, Egypt

KEYWORDS: Egypt, recruitment platform, job matching

Educate Yourself Easily (EYE), India

KEYWORDS: India, visual impairments, digital skills, online training

MITTI Café, India

KEYWORDS: India, social business, café, inclusive employment

Youth4Jobs College Connect, India

KEYWORDS: India, vocational training, higher education, consultancy

DeafTawk, Pakistan

KEYWORDS: Pakistan, mobile app, sign language, deaf 

I Love Coffee, South Africa

KEYWORDS: South Africa, deaf, sign language, cafe, social enterprise, training

FUWAVITA, Tanzania

KEYWORDS: Tanzania, self-employment, training, deaf, women

Griffin-Hammis Associates, United States

KEYWORDS: USA, Canada, consultancy, training, customized employment

Just in Time Virtual Employment Supports, United States

KEYWORDS: USA, training, ICT, job coaching