Thank you again for accepting to evaluate our shortlist of projects for the Zero Project – Impact Transfer program 2019/2020. Your evaluation is very important to us and will help us select the most relevant 10 projects for this year´s Impact Transfer program. We are particularly interested to know which projects seem most replicable and relevant to your specific contexts and fields of work.

You can view all 21 projects below. When you click on a project, a project page will open including key information on the project, a short video on the project and a short video where the project explains their motivation to join our program (where available) and links to further resources (including their detailed applications for Zero Project and for Impact Transfer program).

We welcome your scoring for all projects, and kindly ask you to score at least 5 projects, using the keywords to help you filter the projects that are most relevant to you.  We kindly ask you to to send us your filled-in evaluation template by Friday Sept 20th evening.

Learn for Life, Bangladesh

KEYWORDS: Bangladesh, Community-based education, Inclusive schools, Teacher training

Livox, Brazil

KEYWORDS: Brazil, Middle East, app, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities

One School for All, Bulgaria

KEYWORDS: Bulgaria, inclusive schools, mainstreaming, support for schools 

Universidad Andres Bello, Chile

KEYWORDS: Chile, Vocational Training in University, Students with Intellectual disabilities  

TransicionES Crecer, Colombia

KEYWORDS: Colombia, Youth with intellectual disabilities (between 18 and 25 years of age), University program, Independent living, Vocational training

East Eagle Foundation, Democratic Republic of Congo

KEYWORDS: East-Central Africa, Training intermediaries, mainstreaming inclusive education in emergency situations 

On the Verge of Adulthood, Finland

KEYWORDS: Finland, young adults, intellectual disabilities, transition programme

New Ways to Art, Germany

KEYWORDS: Germany, museums, vocational training, cross-sectoral collaboration, awareness-raising

Nayi Disha Resource Centre, India

KEYWORDS: India, intellectual disabilities, family support, online platform 

Tamahar Trust, India

KEYWORDS: India, Community based Rehabilitation, Early Intervention, Children with disabilities and their parents 

Opening Minds to Universal Design, India

KEYWORDS: India, Universal Design, accessibility, architecture, university 

Early Intervention Therapy for Children with Delay Development, India

KEYWORDS: India, Children aged 0-6, community-based rehabilitation, early intervention, rural, app, Ashoka Fellow

Access Israel, Israel

KEYWORDS: Teacher training, creative and participatory training courses, awareness raising among teachers and staff

inABLE, Kenya

KEYWORDS: Kenya, blind students, digital skills, in-school support

Promoting Early Childhood Care and Education, Kenya

KEYWORDS: Kenya, inclusive school, low income country, training teachers and caregivers, peer-learning app

Instituto de Accesibilidad, Peru

KEYWORDS: Latin America, online trainings in accessibility

Humanity & Inclusion (APPLEH), Senegal

KEYWORDS: Inclusive schools, Low-income country, Teacher training, International Development aid funding

Unidiversidad, Spain

KEYWORDS: Spain, young adults, intellectual disabilities, inclusive university, vocational training

PRIDE (People Receiving Independence & Dignity through Education), UAE

KEYWORDS: United Arab Emirates, vocational education, employment, person-centred support

Hocus Focus, USA

KEYWORDS: United States, autism, development disabilities, school-based, arts

IT Training Academy for Persons with Disabilities, USA

KEYWORDS: United States, employment, vocational training, digital skills