The Zero Project Team is proud to have been invited as speaker to the IASSIDD roundtable on “Inclusion in the community – community-based services”, moderated by Albert Brandstätter, Lebenshilfe Austria, and which includes the following panellists:

  • Klaus Brunner, Seld-advocate, Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg
  • Heinrich Schellhorn, Soziallandesrat, Region of Salzburg
  • Nicolette Blok, Moderator, Trainer, Consultant, as Relative active in the field of Self-Advocacy for people with disabilities
  • Thomas Driessen, Executive Director of alpha nova, a social service provider of highly innovative services in the field of inclusive living and working, and personal assistance
  • Ingrid Heindorf, Zero Project Team Geneva, World Future Council

The roundtable will be held on 17th July 2014 at 16:15-17:45h, at the University of Vienna, in Kleiner Festsaal. More information is available here (in German).

The 4th IASSIDD Europe Congress is a major European event presenting and debating the newest advances in research on intellectual disability from around the globe at the premises of the University of Vienna. The congress program will have a stringent and prominent inclusive format, giving people with intellectual disability the opportunity to actively participate. The topics addressed at the congress will follow a structure closely linked to the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD). The focus of this congress will allow participants among others to detect areas for future research meaningful with respect to evidence based promotion on those rights as expressed in the CRPD. The IASSDD Europe 2014 Congress is organized jointly by IASSIDD, the University of Vienna and Lebenshilfe Austria.