Extended Call2016

Did you know that our Indicator Questionnaire of 2014-2015 collected answers from 150 countries whether a person with disability has the right to receive free and compulsory primary education within the mainstream educational system?

One of the answers was provided by Magdalena Kern, Light for the World, Austria. She said that: “While in theory all children have the right to access mainstream education, in practice the trend still goes to separate schooling. The majority of schools are not inclusive and there is strong resistance, especially from the ‘Länder’ – the Austrian provinces, to abolish special schools and enable inclusive education everywhere.”

This shows that our research this year on Inclusive Education and/or ICT is very timely – innovation is needed to make inclusive education a reality, to put the theory into practice! You know of someone doing good work?

Then consider to nominate the outstanding practice or policy that we should highlight!! You can find more information and all documents in six UN languages at: http://zeroproject.org/downloads/#toggle-id-21