Three panellists sit behind microphones in an open conference room, with a Zero Project banned in the background

We need help in identifying the most innovative policies from all around the world that support education for people with disabilities. Each year we award between 10 and 15 Innovative Policies in order to celebrate achievements at a government level that implement real and lasting change. But we cannot do this if the policies are not nominated.

Please help us to gather the greatest laws, regulations, subsidies, taxes or grants that are changing the lives of people with disabilities when accessing fair and inclusive education. There are many ways that you can support us:

  • Share the call with your own networks, especially those that include government officials, or organisations that partner with the government for projects.
  • Tell us directly about policies that have changed your life, or the lives of those in your country/region. We can then contact them directly.
  • Notify your local or national governments of the call and encourage them to nominate their policies.
  • Nominate policies yourself! You or your organization may have been involved in the development of the policy and can nominate it directly, so long as you give us the contact details of a representative from the government.

If you are unclear what we mean by policy then visit our Questions and Answers page for more information.

Or contact us directly at

We look forward to hearing from you!