Inside a wooden indoor sports hall of Musholm activity and holiday centre, Denmark. 6 young people are in matching, low, 3-wheel wheelchairs, playing a game with a small white ball

We thought we were the first to think of an accessible city – But we’re pleasantly surprised to see other people around the world are imagining a similar concept. The Guardian newspaper from the United Kingdom recently published an article on what an accessible city might look like. Check out the article which takes us on a whistle-stop tour around the globe, visiting great examples of Universal Design in very different contexts – From mapping accessible sidewalks in Seattle to an accessible sports, conference and holiday resort in Korsør, Denmark, and from accessible office facilities in Singapore to accessing the historic city of Chester in the UK.

As a side note, at the Zero Project we are very proud to have contributed to the UN study “Good Practices of Accessible Urban Development” referenced in this article.