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  • Children learning a song with their parents.

    Bilingual Classes Supporting Families to Learn Sign Language Together

    Using a team of one person who is deaf and one who can hear, kinderhände offers bilingual classes in German and ÖGS to children aged six months to 14 years and their families. It also has an online platform for families to use at home, and has developed teacher-training modules to support ÖGS use in schools.
    kinderhaende e.V., Austria

  • PRA173321 ROM Pentru Voi Foundation2

    Offering professional services of well-trained persons with intellectual disabilities to companies

    With its Social Enterprises programme the Pentru Voi Foundation promotes the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the work place through various activities, including personnel leasing, job coaching and skills enhancement training and collaborations with companies. 90% of the customers of these services are private companies.
    Pentru Voi Foundation, Social Enterprises, Romania

  • Initiating microfinancing and micro-enterprises for a whole city sub-district

    In 2015, YPSA surveyed 1,250 persons with disabilities in Sitakund and organized them into 50 self-help groups. Based on their socio-economic background and personal interest, 250 persons were selected to receive interest-free loans, vocational training as well as support to establish their own businesses.
    YPSA - Young Power in Social Action, Sitakund sub-district of Chittagong, Bangladesh

  • Two men undertake a job placement with technical devices.

    Full-range services in Inclusive Education and job readiness

    PRIDE is a modular programme for people with disabilities covering the areas of training (from the age of 4), vocational preparation and job placement. Participants in the PRIDE program can either attend the Manzil Educational Center on a full-time basis or complete individual programs on a part-time basis
    Manzil Center, People Receiving Independence & Dignity through Empowerment (PRIDE), United Arab Emirates

  • A teacher wearing their company tshirt is facing two children, who are getting inclusive education outside in the shadow.

    Inclusive Teacher-Training Centres

    ADPP, a Mozambican NGO, and Light for the World are working together to transform rural teacher-training centres (TTC) into centres of expertise on Inclusive Education. ADPP acts as the implementing partner, while Light for the World provides most of the funding as well as the Inclusive Education expertise.
    ADPP - Aid for the Development of People for People Mozambique, Teacher Training Centres, Mozambique

  • Training the teachers and their trainers in Inclusive Education

    A key part of the programme is the provision of training courses on Inclusive Education at the Armenian State Pedagogic University, where there are two compulsory and two optional courses on Inclusive Education. 200 mainstream schools are supported to become inclusive and some 5,000 teachers from these schools are beiing trained.
    Bridge of Hope, Armenia

  • A women holds a girl with disabilities, who is sitting in class by her shoulders.

    Inclusive schools for students who are blind or visually impaired

    The Arab Episcopal School in Irbid is an inclusive school with kindergarten for children with and without visual impairments and of different religions. In 2018 the school had 40 blind or visually impaired school children. Five of the teachers are blind and also support the children in their daily life.
    Arab Episcopal School Irbid, Inclusive Education for visually impaired children, Jordan

  • Blind voter counts and selects political subject during mock election. Blind voter enters polling station.

    Tactile Ballot Guides for Blind Voters

    The tactile ballot guide has cut-out holes and lines along one side to indicate the sequence of candidates. The ballot paper is placed under the guide and an audio recording describes the parties and candidates that correspond to the holes. The guide can be used multiple times and does not require knowledge of the Braille font.
    Central Election Commission of Georgia, Georgia

  • On the right side of the picture there is a man helping a woman lowering herself down on a rope form a large brown rock. In the background there lies a mountainous and desertlike landscape stretching until the horizon.

    Accessible tourism for people with psychosocial disabilities in-country and abroad

    Nofesh offers recreational experiences for people with psychosocial disabilities in Israel, from one-day tours to five-day vacations, developed by the NGO ENOSH. The offer includes comprehensive support and accompaniment. During the Covid-Pandemic, virtual tours and lectures were offered.
    ENOSH - The Israeli Mental Health Association, Nofesh, Israel

  • Four women sitting on white couches in front of screens showing persons and graphics. Each of them has headphones on. The screens hang on a bright green wall with trees drawn upon them.

    Audio-visual books in multiple accessible formats

    "Livros em múltiplos formatos acessíveis" is an audio-visual software that converts books into a range of accessible formats, including Brazilian sign language, in a single version. Complementing this, the NGO Mais Diferenças from Brazil offers training and organizes inclusive readings for people with and without disabilities.
    Mais Diferencas - Inclusive Education and Culture, Books in multiple accessible formats, Brazil

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