On 1 April 2014, Ingrid Heindorf, Zero Project Head of Policy Research, participated at the Roundtable “Philantrophie & Handicap”, organized by the Chancellerie d’Etat du Genève and SwissFoundations, and hosted by Fondation Lombard Odier. About 50 representatives of foundations and public authorities attended and discussed how public-private partnerships can further improve the situation of persons with disabilities.

After the welcome and introduction by Mauro Poggia, Geneva State Councellor, and Anja Wyden Guelpa, Geneva State Chancellor, the roundtable speakers Marc Maugué, Fondation Wilsdorf, and Stephan Eliez, Fondation Pôle autisme, elaborated on their experiences with public-private partnerships in the area of disability. This first part was moderated by Karin Jestin, Secretary General of Fondation Lombard/Swissfoundations.

The second part of the roundtable was moderated by Anja Wyden Guelpa, Geneva State Chancellor. It discussed, firstly, selected innovative practice examples from the Zero Project Report 2013 and, secondly, the current work of Geneva’s Disability Directorate. Michel Blum, who directs the Disability Directorate, shared also information about the most important challenges encountered. From the Zero Project Report 2013, Ingrid Heindorf presented in particular Discovering Hands, which engages blind women to detect breast cancer, and Specialisterne, which provides meaningful jobs to people with autism and other invisible disorders. Both examples caught considerable attention from participants. >> Zero Project Presentation in PDF  >> Article in Feuille d’avis officielle de la Republique et Canton de Genève