Flowers For Algernon

Daniel Keyes was teaching English to students with special needs in 1957. One of his student asked him if it would be possible to be put into a regular class if he worked hard and became smart. Keyes also witnessed the dramatic progression of another learning-disabled student who regressed after he was removed from regular lessons. Keyes said, “When he came back to school, he had lost it all. He could not read. He reverted to what he had been. It was a heart-breaker”.

In reaction, Daniel Keyes wrote the now famous novel Flowers for Algernon (Hugo and Nebula award). Despite continuous critics and censorship from school library, the novel made its way to the public and was later adapted into a wonderful movie (“Charly”, 1968, Oscar of the Best Actor). You can see the entire movie here on Youtube, and it includes technology of its time: a teaching machine!

Daniel Keyes died last year at the age of 86.


Enjoy the full movie: