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Egalite Diversity & Inclusion

To connect companies and persons with disability, Egalite has developed an online recruitment platform, incorporating a behavioural profile evaluation and e-learning education fully adapted for persons with disabilities. To effectively support inclusion, Egalite prepares, recruits and evaluates candidates. The preparation occurs through free online courses adapted to PWD. The evaluation takes place through a behavioural profile test. With this assessment, an algorithm calculates the best opportunity for each candidate, based on geolocation, education, salary requirements, expertise and behavioural profile.

About the practice at a glance
Name of OrganisationEgalite Inclusion & Diversity
Type of organisationA startup company, A social business
of Implementation
Year started2015
Funding modelAnnual budget: USD 250,000. In Brazil there is a law that requires companies over 100 employees to include 2% to 5% of people with disabilities in its workforce. Companies that don´t comply with the law are required to pay a fine. In our business model all services provided for people with disabilities are free. Egalite´s revenue comes from the companies who wants to hire PWD. We charge recruiting fees based on the salary of the job opportunity. Our revenue model is sustainable and our company has been growing, making it possible to innovate and further develop our technology.


We have helped to employ over 7,000 PwD in 19 different states. In our program, the average annual income of a person with disability is 76% higher than the minimum wage. If we consider all the benefits included (health insurance, bonus, etc.) the average year income goes to 120% higher than the minimum wage. 

In the past 3 years, our revenue and impact grew 60%. We have a database of 60,000 candidates with disabilities and helped over 7,000 PwD to find job opportunities. 


Egalite is unique for the methodology and technology developed to address the employment of PwD . In Brazil we are the only recruitment platform fully adapted for PwD and that has an evaluation of the behavioural profile. A further advantage over other recruitment firms is the comparison of the job opportunity with the candidate, carried out by the algorithm. 

Target group 

This product is design for working age people with disabilities. Our technology and methodology is adapted for all different kinds of disability. 


We asked projects to outline their impact model (also called Theory of Change) – their main target groups, the key activities they offer these target groups, and what impact they want to achieve:

Target GroupActivityImpactIndicator
People with DisabilitiesProvide Job OpportunitiesEmployment# of PwD Employed


We have already replicated our innovation 

We replicated our innovation to help in the employment of people aged 50+ in the US. We had a partnership with the Global Good Fund and the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation that provided a USD 20,000 grant to make a pilot project. We translated our recruitment platform and adapted it for the US regulations and culture. The implementation of the technology was a success. Unfortunately, we did not have funds to continue the project. The biggest lesson learned is that many companies cannot see the value of diversity and it is hard to convince them to invest in this kind of project. 



Our staff has 10 full time employees and 4 members in our Consultative Board. We have a project owner for this program, with the necessary skills and seniority: 

The project owner is Guilherme Braga, graduated in Law from PUCRS, postgraduate in Management and Business from FGV, Master in Management and Business from UNISINOS and from Université de Poitiers with the thesis The Impact of Persons with Disabilities Inclusion in Work Teams. In addition, he was the only representative from Latin America invited to participate in the Leadership in Digital Age executive education program at MIT in 2019, being considered one of the top 25 influencers of Social Justice and Inclusion in the world. 

Through this work, he was a finalist for Veja’s Inspiring Young People Award, one of 12 social impact leaders in the world to be selected for the Global Good Fund Fellowship Program and winner of the Ruderman Prize in Inclusion where Egalite was considered one of the top 5 inclusion initiatives in the world.  


Our company exists to create social impact through the employment of people with disabilities. The technology that we developed is scalable, therefore our leadership team supports projects that will bring more social impact. 

We have Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that are updated in real time. For these KPIs we have monthly, quarterly and annually goals. For the next 5 years our goals are: 

  1. 50,000 persons with disabilities from our database hired from one of our clients;
  2. 200,000 persons with disabilities registered in courses from our e-learning platform;
  3. 400,000 persons with disabilities registered in our database.


We have a solid operation in Brazil and yes we have as a priority to scale. We developed a great technology that is scalable to promote the employment of people with disabilities. and we been searching opportunities to grow our business to other countries. Our team is small and we would not be able to internationalize our company without a structured program or partner. This is the main reason we are very excited about the Impact Transfer Program. The Zero Project Impact Transfer program would be a great opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences and make our project global. 

What is the organisation hoping to learn from taking part in the programme? 
  • Understanding local regulations that can help to promote a more diverse workforce, for example quota law in Brazil to employ PwD 
  • Cultural aspects in the recruitment process and local regulation on data that can be required.