On 24 November 2016 Adolf Ratzka from the Independent Living Institute, one of our partners, organized a conference  on the implementation of the CRPD and disability discrimination law.

Different sessions of the conference discussed how to use strategic litigation as a tool for implementing the rights of persons with disabilities; the role of lawyers and lawyering in the implementation of protection against discrimination; and the role of civil society in enforcing disability law.

One of the speakers was Mr. Sid Wolinsky, an expert on strategic litigation and founder of Disability Rights Advocates, an organization that strengthened protection against discrimination associated with disability. In his video on strategic litigation, he explains ”law as tool to change society”.

Professor Gerard Quinn, one of the architects behind the steering wheel Convention, stressed that the legal and political processes are as important as the rights themselves.

This approach is possible not only in the US but also in other parts of the world where we can use the legal system in our struggle for inclusion and equal opportunities. The Zero Project‘s policy approach is heading in this direction by identifying innovative policies that advance the rights and improve the lives of persons with disabilities in the fields of accessibility, education, independent living and employment.

To use law as a tool, we need to learn how to use the law.

Find out more about the conference and speakers here.