News coverage of the Zero Project Conference 2016

The Zero Project Conference 2016 was our most attended and successful conference. As you will see below in a selection of the best articles, the outreach of the conference was truly international and its impact universally praised.

Selection of the best general articles

Jo Spelbrink published an insightful post at zensations, where he presented various aspect of the conference along with its personal impression.

A video interview of Judy Heumann, made by the US Embassy in Vienna.

A Radio interview of Judy Heumann, made by the Austrian radiostation FM4 for it’s “RealityCheck” Broadcast.

Kronen Zeitung made an article compiling many innovative technologies presented during the conference (in German).

The World Future Council highlighted some key moments in an article.

Selection of articles related to our award winners

UNICEF Montenegro received an award for developing a policy on inclusive education, and many media covered the event. For instance, you can read articles made by Vijesti, a Montenegrin daily newspaper, or by CDM (Café del Montenegro), and also by RTCG (Radio i Televizija Crne Gore), or by

The UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education participated to the conference and wrote an article about it, even posting the entire audio file of their session. Go listed to it if you wish to have an idea of the family atmosphere as well as the profound content of our session.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) was awarded for its policy related to accessible tourism and ICT, and the news was covered by FTT, the Ireland Foodservice Platform.

Still on the policies side, the United States Access Board covered the conference and the award they received for their commitment to harmonize legislation on accessibility between the US and EU.

From Canada, The New Brunswick Association for Community Living published a letter (via Inclusion International) about the conference and the award.

From the International Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), an articles about their award for their pocket guide on the Minimum Standards for Education and the panel session on Inclusive education in emergency and refugee situations.

The award received by Bridge of Hope, an Armenian program on inclusive education, was duly spotted by the Caucasian network for children.

Light for the world made an article about the award they received, and proudly shared a picture of their certificate. They also posted about a project they support in Garango, which was awarded as well.

The Syracuse University made an article about the presentation of its doctoral student, Brent Elder and Michelle Damiani, and the reward they received.

Inclusion International made an article about the session on Inclusive and Quality Education Models, moderated by Klaus Lachwitz.

Voice of Children with Disability made an article about the award they received.

Barclays Bank & SignVideo made an article with pictures, tweet and videos about their award and experience of the conference.

Action on Disability Rights and Development (ADRAD) Nepal made also a nice article about the conference and their award.

YPSA Young Power in Social Action made an article focusing on a practice from Bangladesh related to accessible material, presented by Mr.Vashkar Bhattacharjee.

Lifetool also published an article about the award they received at the conference.

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) published a detailed article about the conference, sharing also their impression and expected outcome.

The Trust for the Americas made an article about their award, the fourth their received as recognition of their excellent work for person with disabilities in many different fields.

The website made an article about the Zero Project conference and the award received by CBM.

The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien published a note and a nice picture to celebrate their award.

Kleine Zeitung made an online article about the conference and the award received by Chance B, as well as a paper version for their 12/02/2016 edition.

Der Standart, an Austrian newspaper, made articles about the conference. You can also consult the printed version version from their 12/02/2016 edition.

The participation of Karen Khayat to the conference was mentioned in the Taranaki Daily News (New Zealand).

The FRA (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) mentioned the conference in their website.

The International Associations of University mentioned the conference and the role played by Isabelle Turmaine in it.

The AEMA (Adult Education made Accessible) website mentioned our conference.

And of course, much more was published on Tweeter, Facebook and within our internal app.


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