Zero Project supplement published in leading Austrian newspaper

We have had the pleasure of working with one of Austria’s leading daily newspapers “Die Presse“, in publishing a supplement detailing 43 successful models of employment for persons with disabilities. The article was circulated in the nationwide newspaper and features a selection of practices from previous years of our research, plus some 2017 Zero Project awardees and even some nominations for 2018!

You can download the supplement by visiting the home page of the Zero Project website and clicking on the Die Presse link, or by clicking HERE.

The publication is only available in German, but if like me you need to brush up on your Deutsch then this may be a good opportunity!


Zero Project shortlists 140 Practices and 34 Policies

It has been a very busy month, not just for us, but for our diligent partners who have been busily scrutinising the 2018 nominations for Innovative Practices and Innovative Policies. With their help, we have cut the list down to 140 practices and 34 policies, ahead of the final vote which takes place in September. It is such a shame to already see so many great practices drop out at this stage and we send our thanks to everyone running the incredible projects out there. We hope to see much more of you in the coming years!

We are inviting over 3,000 experts and specialists in the disability field from around the world to have the final vote on the shortlisted practices. Good luck to everyone!

Read our official press release for more details of the shortlisting phase.


Zero Project receives 372 nominations from 76 countries!

It has been an incredible couple of months for us here at the Zero Project as we were inundated with the best that you have to offer. It’s taken a while, but we’ve counted, counted again and analysed the results. And these results tell us that we received an amazing 372 nominations from 76 countries, which includes first-time nominations from Honduras, Iran, Swaziland and Zambia! Israel top the list with the most innovative practice nominations, while Spain have given us the most innovative policy nominations.

For those statisticians out there, we have put together a more detailed breakdown of the results, which you can find below, and also in the downloads section of the website. Enjoy!


The Zero Project has completed the nomination process for Innovative Practices and Policies in the field of accessibility. It has received 317 nominations for Innovative Practices and 55 for Innovative Policies from more than 70 countries around the world

Vienna 7th August 2017: The Zero Project researches the status of the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) around the world. This year, is focusing on employment, work and vocational education and training.
The nomination process started in May 2017 and the Call for Nominations of Innovative Practices, as well as Innovative Policies, closed at the beginning of July.

The Zero Project received an astounding 372 Nominations from 76 countries, and astounding is also the variety of accessibility that is created by them: from assistive technology to tourism, from urban development to access to health and justice, from accessibility in humanitarian aid to orientation maps, artificial intelligence and automated easy language support.

The process of carefully screening, shortlisting, voting on, and finally selecting the Innovative Practices and Policies 2018 of the Zero Project has already begun.


Call for Innovative Practices: 317 Nominations
The Call for Nominations of Innovative Practices resulted in 317 nominations from 73 countries and all regions of the world: 24 were received from Africa, 87 from Asia, 129 from Europe, 43 from North America, 30 from Latin America and the Caribbean, and 4 from Australia.
Countries where the most Innovative Practices were nominated: Israel (36), Austria, home country of the Zero Project (34), United States (33) and Spain (14). For the first time, nominations were received from Honduras, Iran, Swaziland and Zambia.

Call for Innovative Policies: 55 Nominations
The Call for Nominations of Innovative Policies resulted in 55 nominations being received by the Zero Project. These Nominations for Innovative Policies came from all regions of the world: Africa (7), Asia (6), Europe (25), North America (9), Latin America and the Caribbean (6) and Australia (2). Countries with the most nominations for Innovative Policies were: Spain (8), Austria (6) and Canada (4).

Next steps in the selection process
The Zero Project team, with the help of its partners and expert network, is currently shortlisting all nominations, based on its three criteria: Innovation, Impact and Scalability.
In September, the Zero Project network will be asked to vote on the shortlisted nominations as the next step in the selection process.
In a final step, the Zero Project team will thoroughly research all practices and policies before final decisions are made by the end of 2017.
The overall aim is to select a total of up to 70 Innovative Practices and 10 to 12 Innovative Policies, to be published in the Zero Project Report 2018 on Accessibility and to award them at the next Zero Project Conference in February 2018 at the UN in Vienna.


Invitations open for 2017 Dubai International Award!

UN Habitat is Seeking applications for the 2017 Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment.

The 2017 award is an international contest which seeks to recognize outstanding initiatives that are making significant contributions which:

  1. Have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving people’s quality of life;
  2. Are the result of effective partnerships between the public, private and civic sectors of society;
  3. Are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable

The award is open to candidates within all sectors: national an regional governments; local authorities and their associations; non-governmental organizations; multilateral agencies; community based organizations; research and academic institutions; public and private foundations; media entities and individuals in different categories.

Find out more by visiting the UN Habitat website and make sure to apply for the award before the 31st August deadline!


Nomination process is now closed

The nomination process for the Zero Project 2018 is now closed. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to submit a practice or a policy. We now begin the hard (but enjoyable) task of reviewing all the applications. This will be the start of a multi-stage voting process, culminating in  a final vote by up to 3,000 of our experts around the globe. We will be able to give a more comprehensive update shortly.


Nomination process is closing!

The nomination process for the Zero Project 2018 is coming to a close! You have less than two days to submit your application before the 4th July deadline! The process will officially close at midnight CEST (Central European Summer Time) so please make sure you have finished your application by then. Remember to both SAVE your application and then SUBMIT it!

Good luck! #ZeroCall18



An Update on Your Nominations

We now have just one week left until the 2018 nominations closes for good! And we really mean it this time!

It is a pleasure to come into the office each morning to read the inspiring stories and projects that you are sending to us for this year’s call. We have received nominations from all over the globe, with applications from Azerbaijan to Iran and from Luxembourg to Togo. We have been reading about accessible fitness in the Ukraine, accessibility audits in the Philippines and accessible buildings in Somalia. We have read about improving tourist access in Japan and accessible shopping in Australia. We have read about small village community entrepreneurs improving the lives of their neighbours from the ground up, and large corporate projects, creating sweeping policy changes from the top-down.

And they keep on coming!

Make sure you do not miss the chance to be in the mix for the 2018 awards. Both the smallest and largest organisations can be equally innovative, so we equally want to hear from everyone!

Deadline closes on 4th July. Visit the Nomination Site to sign up and begin your application.

Good luck!

Nomination Deadline Extended!

How could we possibly close the nominations process when there’s so much great energy still out there!

We have decided to extend the deadline to the 4th July 2017!

The next deadline will no doubt be upon us before we know it, so get your application to us as soon as possible!

Make sure you remember to complete your application and also SUBMIT once you have finished.

Good Luck!





COSP – Accessible and Inclusive Urban Development for All

The Zero Project is very proud to moderate a session during the Forum on Advancing Accessible and Inclusive Urban Development For All, as part of the Conference of State Parties in New York. The session will be held jointly with the Building and Construction Authority, Singapore, Mayor’s Office on Persons with Disability, New York and the former Mayor of City Oslo, Council on Disability.


The session will discuss ways forward to implement the New Urban Agenda and to future promote development to be accessible and inclusive for all.  We hope to see you there!


Disability-inclusive employment strategies – Zero Project Side Event at COSP

We are pleased to be co-hosting a second side-event at the Conference of State Parties in New York. On Wednesday 14th June at 10:00, Martin Essl will be joined on the panel by representatives of the Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology, the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh, Access Israel and the National Council on Disabilities Strategies in Educador.

The event will discuss the importance on employment to empower persons with disabilities and it’s potential to contribute in reducing poverty, in line with this years’ High-Level Political Forum topic.

The side event takes place in Conference Room E of the United Nations Headquarters.