Logo for webinar from business disability international and ILO Global Business and Disability Network

Our partner, The Business disability International (BDI), and the ILO Business and Disability Network are pleased to invite you to join its free one hour webinar to mark the release of BDI’s inaugural publication: ‘Learning directly from disabled people’ – Building a better and more inclusive global business. 

The webinar aims to enable global leaders to learn directly from disabled customers and colleagues, in a way which benefits business, the global economy and the societies in which the BDI operates. Among the objectives there is a willingness to raise awareness about the important for the business to learn directly from disabled people and how to make this happen by exploring how ‘learning directly’ is culturally appropriate in every country.

The session will take place the 6 December 2016 between 11 and 12am (GMT/London)

CLICK HERE to register for the Webinar.