Promotional banner for Daniel Kish, reading "Daniel Kish M.A. Spec.Ed M.A. Psych - Developmental Psychology, Ashoka Fellow, TED speaker, COMS. Visioneers - A Division of World Access for the Blind. President, Lead Perceptual Navigation Instructor, Activational Presenter

Daniel Kish, the world’s first totally blind person to earn orientation and mobility certification to teach blind people how to navigate, has been showing the BBC how the echolocation navigation technique works. Kish, a Zero Project 2018 Innovative Practice awardee, tells in this article how humans can click using their tongue which bounce off objects and “sonify” them into a picture of the surroundings.

Congratulations to Kish for his continuous excellent work to help blind people navigate. Read the BBC article and the Zero Project factsheet of World Access for the Blind to find out more.