In two weeks’ time we’ll already be underway with the Zero Project Conference. We have over 25 panel or group sessions covering such a wide range of topics and celebrating the excellent work of the 2018 Innovative Practices and Policies. With that in mind, we bring you part 2 of our walk through of the themes we’re dealing with.

Rural Development

A man wearing blue overalls and a yellow hard hat, holding a protective metal mask against his face, welding metal

Working in an accessible student workshop in Mozambique

With so many amazing innovations taking place in the melting pots of bustling global cities, the rural areas can often be overlooked. Many innovators seek out those who find themselves cut off from the projects and services that are often taken for granted in major cities. In the South-East Sri Lankan district of Moneragala, people are benefitting from accessing more public buildings, schools, polling stations and religious sites by Uva Provincial Council. Rural communities in Nepal are seeing the benefits of disability-inclusive communities with help from the Karuna Foundation, and in Mozambique young people are enjoying training in accessible student hostels thanks to Young Africa.

The parallel session on accessible rural development takes place at 13:50 CET on Wednesday 21st February.

Orientation Map Apps

A map listing accessible venues

Finding accessible buildings using AXS Maps

An exciting growth area in accessibility of buildings is through the use of “trip-advisor”-style map apps which let you know which venues are accessible. And each with their own unique style! In Japan you can check for steps, accessible toilets and even acceptance of service dogs with Bmaps, or follow the GPS tracking of another user’s trail using Wheelog! In Ireland you can choose between the clear “yes”/”no” system with Access Earth or click all the way through to your accessible hotel with Mobility Mojo. And finally, in the United States, you can join a competitive AXS Mapathon to win awards while assessing whole cities!

The parallel session on orientation map apps takes place at 09:50 on Thursday 22nd February.

Finding Buddies and peers

A group of young persons with and without disabilities at a large outside event

Enjoying festivals with your “Gig Buddies”

People enjoy attending events together and there is a small group of determined projects which focus exactly on that. In the South of the UK, persons with learning disabilities and/or autism are enjoying attending events with their volunteer friends through Stay up Late’s “Gig Buddies” programme. And all across Europe, people are rocking out at concerts and festivals thanks to “Inklusion muss laut sein”.

The parallel session on Finding buddies and peers takes place at 14:40 on Thursday 22nd February.