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The Story of Harry Hötzinger

Harry Hötzinger about Harry Hötzinger: „I am 35 years old and live in my own apartment in Vienna. I consider myself a cineaste, and I love music and travelling“. Read the full story of Harry Hötzinger from Austria!

Creating the missing link to the labour market

5 Innovative Practices that directly connect training with jobs and employers.

„Traning on the job“ is one of the most promising strategy for integrating young learners with disabilities in the open labour market. Potential employers are included from the very beginning in the planning process, and the selection of students as well as traning methods and content are all targeted towards these employers. Various Innovative Practices of the Zero Project use that approach successfully, but differ completely when having a closer look at them.

All 12 Innovative Policies 2016 in pictures

The 12 Innovative Policies 2016 are about laws and regulations that have substantially improved inclusive education models, or accessible Information and Communication Technologies. The 12 Innovative Policies in pictures.   You can browse all Innovative Policies 2016 here: https://zeroproject.org/policy-type/2016/