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The Story of the Twin Sisters Syuzanna and Ruzanna: Overcoming physical and psychological barriers to study and work

“Now we are students at the Ijevan branch of Yerevan State University” We are 22-year-old 
Ruzanna and Syuzanna, twin sisters,
 born in the village
 Koghb in Tavush
Marz, Armenia.
 Unfortunately, our
 past 22 years have
 not always been easy, as we have functional limitations of movement – best known as cerebral palsy. Since childhood we have […]

Die Geschichte von Jana Bigger: Mitarbeiterin im Recovery Team von IKEA in Hamburg

„Ich montiere Möbel, völlig selbständig.“ Jana Bigger ist eine gehörlose Beschäftigte im Recovery-Team. Sie erzählt von den Anfängen: „Für alle war es eine spannende und neue Situation, der offen begegnet wurde. Denn schließlich war die Situation für alle neu.“ Für Jana Bigger war das alles kein Problem. Sie hat vorher in der Werkstatt gearbeitet und Lust, […]

The Story of Abdul Bashir: Microfinancing to earn an income for the “breadwinner” of a family of eight

“Today, I earn enough to support my family of eight people.” Abdul Bashir, who has a physical disability, is a beneficiary of the micro finance programme sponsored by the Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Programme (AREDP). A native of the Big Mohammad Khail village in in Afghanistan’s Parwan province, he is the breadwinner of a family […]