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The Story of Nguyen Van Giap: Gaining independence through training and employment

Being treated as a talented staff member in designing, analysing, and coding IT systems Nguyen Van Giap owns the OneDay company, providing IT solutions through website development, software engineering, and other IT services to support persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged people. A 2010 graduate of the USAID-funded Information Technology Training Programme (ITTP) specializing in […]

Die Geschichte von Manuel Stromberger: Stolz auf das Vertrauen seiner Arbeitskolleginnen

„Ich bin stolz, welches Vertrau- en meine Arbeitskolleginnen in mich haben.“ Mir geht es bei der Arbeit um einiges besser als die Jahre davor. Ich berichte euch von meinen Tätigkeiten: Meine erste Tätigkeit besteht darin, die Bankauszüge und eventuelle Einzahlungen bei der Bank abzuholen, die Rechnungen in die richtigen Ordner beziehungsweise in die richtigen Betriebe […]

The Story of Maya: Shop owner selling organic produce

On the path to economic security and a strong voice in the community Maya, 36, is a single mother of four children and the family’s bread winner. Poliomyelitis infection at the age of five affected her with neuromuscular paralysis, taking away her ability to stand or walk independently. Maya also lost her husband to tuberculosis, and […]

The Story of Diego Villagra: Unemployed with a cognitive disability, now teaching others how to do the job!

“Recently, it was I who taught a new fellow how to do the job!” In 2014, Diego Villagra signed his first employment contract –
 a milestone in his adult life. This is certainly thanks to his perseverance and persistent family support, but also thanks to the SKBergé company’s commitment to the integration of persons with cognitive […]