27 June 2013: The Zero Project in Athens

The 2nd Annual Stavros Niarchos Foundation International Conference on Philanthropy is held on June 27 and 28, in Athens. During its Session on “Supporting the Underprivileged, and Contributing to Creating a Social Welfare Society – Disability and Accessibility”, Michael Fembek, Zero Project Coordinator,  will present the Zero Project and our most recent research topic on UN CRPD Article 9 – Accessibility:

  •     Daphne Economou, President, Cerebral Palsy Greece
  •     Michael Fembek, Program Manager, Zero Project, ESSL Foundation
  •     Francesca Rosenberg, Director of Community, Access, and School Programs, Museum of Modern Art
  •     Luk Zelderloo, Secretary General, European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities

The conference programme can be found at: http://snf.org/index.php?ID=news_EN&Rec_ID=7000

As well, a Live Stream will be available at: http://snf.org/index.php?ID=news_EN&Rec_ID=7175

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