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You may remember one of our Innovative Practices 2015 related to independent living and political participation:

The WILD training program, a well-chosen acronym for Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability. It is a three-week curriculum taking place in the west coast of United States of America (Eugene, Oregon), aiming to enhance the leadership potential of women with disabilities from all around the world.

They recently opened their application for the 8th International WILD and we strongly suggest all interested women with disabilities to apply as soon as possible. The deadline is the 1st of February. The program will take place from July 30th to August 21st, 2016.

Also, the cost are very low ($250 USD programme fee), covering plane ticket, local transport, meals and accommodation. Scholarships are available based on applicant’s demonstrated financial need.

To see other eligibility and qualifications criteria, please visit the application page at: