A selection of different pages of the Zero Project Report 2021


Having already introduced and celebrated our Zero Project Awardeefor 2020-2021 at this year’s Zero Project Conference in February, here’s another opportunity to learn more about them – in our brand new Zero Project Report 2021 on Employment and ICT! 

Within the pages of this reportyou will find information on 82 Innovative Practices and Policies  on inclusive employment and from the ICT sector hailing from a staggering 46 countries! 

But it doesn’t stop there. In this report, you will also find personalised life stories from many of the project awardees. Additionally, in collaboration with the Ashoka, we introduce you to 10 new participants of the Zero Project ImpactTransfer programme. These projects have had the opportunity to replicate around the world. We could not have achieved these milestones without the successful partnerships we have built and mainained throughout the past years. 

 The report also includes a summary in easy language. 

Wbelieve that this report also shares the message that we are embarking once again on creating and building a world with zero barriers.