A target and a push for inclusive skills training and employment

With support from ILO, the European Union and Canada, the Directorate of Technical Education has initiated a reform to promote an inclusive skills system. It includes a 5 per cent enrolment target for persons with disabilities, the training of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) staff in disability inclusion, developing pilot training, and engaging potential employers. In 2016, it resulted already in 328 enrolees and 60 trainees gaining employment.

State-wide, long-term inclusion in the open labour market

By offering a broad spectrum of support that ranges from full job-site support to the occasional follow-up with more independent workers, Vermont’s Supported Employment Programme facilitates the shift from sheltered employment settings to more inclusive employment for people with developmental disabilities. In 2015 almost half of all individuals in Vermont receiving developmental disabilities services were employed.

Creating employer demand for inclusive hiring

By adopting an ‘Employment First’ approach and taking a ‘demand’ rather than a ‘supply’ focus, Canada’s ‘Ready, Willing, and Able’ initiative enters into a direct dialogue with employers, informing them about the fact that persons with intellectual disabilities make excellent employees and can fill regularly occurring vacancies. By September 2016, 1,159 employment opportunities were secured.