WFC Council and staff AGM2016Since 2011, the World Future Council entered into partnership with the Zero Project and identifies innovative policies that actively promote, protect and ensure the rights of persons with disabilities.

The World Future Council (WFC) consists of 50 respected personalities from all five continents, who represent governments, parliaments, the arts, civil society, science and the business world. In close collaboration with civil society groups, members of parliament, governments, businesses and international organisations, the WFC researches future just policies and legislation. The World Future Council then advises political decision-makers, offers them tried and tested courses of action and supports them in the concrete implementation of new policies.

To identify holistic solutions on a wide range of issues and to enable the application of these solutions, the WFC has created the following programmes:

  • Future Justice
  • Climate and Energy
  • Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Sustainable Economies
  • Peace and Disarmament

Annually the Council celebrates policies which create better living conditions for current and future generations with its Future Policy Award. The aim of the award is to raise global awareness for these exemplary policies and speed up policy action towards just, sustainable and peaceful societies. Each year the Council chooses one topic on which policy progress is particularly urgent. In 2014, it highlighted policy solutions ending violence against women and girls; in 2015, it has celebrated the best laws securing children’s rights.

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