A purple banner that features a "We the 15" text and a white circle with 15% of the circle being cut out in a triangle.

WeThe15 aims to be the biggest ever human rights movement to end discrimination against persons with disabilities and transform the lives of the 1.2 billion people in the world with a disability – that’s 15% of the whole world.

The Zero Project is proud to be a founding organisation of the We the 15 movement.

This movement is for everyone, you may ask how you can support it?

We say – live it! Everybody’s actions count. You can play a part in making the WeThe15 campaign a success, to create a more inclusive world: https://www.wethe15.org/get-involved

The logos of the founding members of the We the 15 movement behind a black background.

Actions beyond the launch

  • Ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities around the world are respected, protected and fulfilled.
  • Ensure everyone within your organisation or community understands why inclusivity matters to the business, your brand and society.
  • Talk to an Organisation of Persons With Disabilities (OPD) and find out how you can take action on a local level.
  • Commit to disability inclusivity within your organisation.
  • Make your communications more inclusive.
  • Ensure people with disabilities can have access and participate in different ways, in person activities and using technology.
  • Facilitate employment of persons with disabilities, ensuring that recruitment is equitable, that reasonable accommodations are provided, and that employees who become disabled are supported to return to work.

Please visit www.wethe15.org for more information on how you can help to transform society.

Be part of the movement! Add a purple heart to your profile name, download a cover photo and use the campaign profile picture frame.

Further information:

The Zero Project: www.zeroproject.org

#WeThe15 Campaign: www.wethe15.org

International Paralympic Committee: www.paralympic.org