White male is standing in front of a curved glass building. He is wearing a dark navy suit with a white dress shirt. He has a full grey set of hair parted to the side.

Michael Fembek

Director, Zero Project

Michael Fembek is the Director of the Zero Project. With a background in managing foundations, he outlines the strategic goals of the foundation, which is committed to a world without barriers for all. Being committed to disability inclusion, Michael became the Chair of the Thematic Group on Disabilities within the European Foundation Centre (EFC) in 2015.

As the former Editor-in-Chief of Gewinn, an Austrian business magazine, Michael has been keen to pair his entrepreneurial ambitions with value and purpose. Consequently, in 2009 he initiated Sinnstifter, a project by Austrian philanthropists, and launched the annual Austrian CSR Guide on Corporate Social Responsibility. His work with foundations was further enriched when in 2014, he co-initiated the Verband für Gemeinnütziges Stiften, the Austrian philanthropic association, where he serves as Vice President. His efforts in the philanthropic space continue to be recognized. In 2016 he co-initiated the Haus der Philanthropie, a novel co-working space dedicated to NGO’s, as well as the Sinnbildungsstiftung, a foundation focusing on innovations in education, on which he currently serves as a Board Member.

Michael Fembek holds a graduate degree in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.