White female is wearing an exoskeleton. She is wearing an orange t-shirt and black pants.

Katharina Praniess

Consultant, Zero Project Austria

Katharina Praniess is a consultant for the Zero Project Austria team and its activities. In this volunteer capacity she supports people with disabilities in using and organizing personal assistance. She is committed to enable people with disabilities to lead a self-determined life. Personal assistance is an integral key to this mission.

Katharina Praniess experience with personal assistance is informed by her academic background in psychology. In her undergraduate thesis, she dealt with deep brain stimulation, a method that helps people with brain damage to obtain more mobility. In her graduate thesis Disabled masculinity? – the experience of love and partnership of men with physical disabilities she examined the partnership and sexuality of men with disabilities. This was the first academic paper to critically analyze this topic.

Katharina Praniess holds a MSc in psychology from the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna and also obtained relevant certifications to work as a peer consultant for the WAG Assistance Cooperative. She lives with personal assistance in Vienna.