A white woman with blond hair is sitting on a dark wooden desk. She is wearing a black cardigan and a white blouse. She is speaking into a conference microphone placed in the middle of the table.

Karin Praniess-Kastner

Head, Inclusive Employment

Karin Praniess-Kastner is the Director for Inclusive Employment at the Zero Project. In effect, she develops and organizes the Zero Project Unternehmensdialoge in Austria. This series of events inspires companies in Austria and underlines best practices for the employment of persons with disabilities. The practices illustrated under the auspice of the Unternehmensdialoge aim to encourage companies to break down barriers for all in Austria. The program’s goal is to ultimately enrich the life of persons with disabilities and enable them to embark on a more sustainable and fulfilling employment relationship.

As a well-established strategic development consultant Karin Praniess-Kastner facilitates trainings, workshops and team coaching’s for an array of clients. This training is complimented by her 30 years of experience with organizations that focus on the integration of children, adolescents and adults with disabilities into society. Examples include the Wiener Hilfswerk, one of the largest Austrian providers of social services–for which Karin was honored to serve as President for over thirteen years in a volunteer capacity. Moreover, as a former member of the Vienna State Parliament, Karin Praniess-Kastner vitae illustrates her public commitment to a world with zero barriers for all.

When she is not seeking to outline sound models of employment for persons with disabilities, Karin Praniess-Kastner loves to spend her free time with her family, her two daughters, one who uses a wheelchair, as well as with the finer things Austria’s has to offer, namely the opera, a lively theater scene, and great hiking opportunities. Karin holds a MSc in social sciences, organizational and personal development and has completed several certificates in training, mediation and coaching. Today she is also a trainer for aspiring trainers and coaches.