White woman in her 20's wearing a black blazer and black blouse. She is standing in front of an oak tree whose bark has been stripped by erosion.

Isabella Essl

Junior Digital Content Manager

Isabella Essl is the Junior Digital Content Manager at the Zero Project. In this capacity she manages the website setup and content management of the foundation. Furthermore, she has spearheaded the redesign of the Zero Project YouTube channel and website, since, joining the team in 2018.

With an academic background in conservation biology, biodiversity management, Japanese Studies, and comparative literature, she is interested in conservation and climate issues related to adaptation and biodiversity conservation measures. Isabella has published on these topics, specifically, on how conflicts of interest occur between climate change and nature conservation laws in Austria.

Isabella Essl holds an M.Sc. in Conservation biology and Biodiversity management and an M.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Vienna.