White woman in her 30's wearing navy blue pants, a white blouse and a creme colored sweater. She is sitting on a stone staircase flanked by roman columns. Her nails are painted red and her brown hair is shoulder length.

Anna Königseder

Manager, Business Sector

Anna Königseder is the business sector manager at the Zero Project. In this role she oversees the business outreach efforts of the Zero Project and the development of international business partnerships that comes with it. Growing up with a brother with down syndrome, she was fuelled with a passion for disability inclusion from a very early stage.

Thus, after working for ten years in the private and industrial sector in Austria and internationally, Anna joined the Zero Project in 2019. As the team’s key lead on process management, she is also responsible for all operational matters, as well as the digitization effort underway at the Zero Project. Apart from that, she is also in charge of managing and coordinating all business sector related activities that bolster the Zero Project network.

Anna Königseder graduated from the University of Vienna with a Master’s degree in Translation, and holds a Master’s degree in International Economics from the Université Paris Nanterre.