The Zero Project Team

We come from four continents; we speak dozens of languages; we are the Zero Project Team; and collectively we believe in a world with zero barriers.

White male in his 60's standing in front of an accessible art installation, touching braille. He is wearing a dark blazer and a white dress shirt. His white hair is parted to the side.

Martin Essl

Founder and Chairman of the Board

White woman with dirty blond hair is sitting on a grey leather chair wearing a coral blazer and a white t-shirt below. She is smiling in front of a green palm tree in the background.

Claudia Koch

Personal Assistant to Martin Essl

The Zero Project Team – International

White male is standing in front of a grey photo background wearing a dark nacy suit, a white dress shirt and a dark tie.

Thomas Butcher

Senior Adviser, Zero Project

White female in her 20ies wearing black in front of a tree.

Isabella Essl

Junior Digital Content Manager

White male wearing a black suit and light pink shirt in front of glass front.

Michael Fembek

Director, Zero Project

Male in his 20ies is wearing blue jeans and shirt sitting on stairs

Xin Hu

Database Analyst

Male in his 60ies wearing a brown suit, light stripped shirt in front of a column.

Wilfried Kainz

Head of Research

White woman in her 30's wearing navy blue pants, a white blouse and a creme colored sweater. She is sitting on a stone staircase flanked by roman columns. Her nails are painted red and her brown hair is shoulder length.

Anna Königseder

Manager, Business Sector

A brown woman with black hair in her 30's is sitting on a stone step. She is wearing creme colored pants, a dark blouse and a white blazer. She is smiling.

Sumita Kunashakaran

Manager, Civil Society

White woman in her mid-twenties is wearing a white blouse.

White male in his 20's is sitting on a stone staircase. He is flanked by roman columns.

Ernst Starhemberg

Project Assistant

white male in his 30's wearing a navy blue coat, navy dress pants, a white dress shirt and a purple tie is standing in front of stone columns. Next to him is a forest green bicycle. A neo-gothic building is in the background. The white male has a trimmed beard and short cropped hair.

Robin Tim Weis

Manager, Public Sector

The Zero Project Team – Austria

A white male is wearing blue jeans, a white dress shirt and a black blazer. He is standing in front of a roman column. His left hand is leaning against the column; he is smiling.

Michael Pichler

Country Head Austria, Zero Project

White female is wearing an exoskeleton while seated in a wheelchair. She is wearing an orange t-shirt and black pants.

Katharina Praniess

Consultant, Zero Project Austria

A white woman with blond hair is sitting on a dark wooden desk. She is wearing a black cardigan and a white blouse. She is speaking into a conference microphone placed in the middle of the table.

Karin Praniess-Kastner

Head, Inclusive Employment

The Zero Project Team – Fundación Descúbreme

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Woman in her 30ies wearing white top and ear rings in front of a park
Woman in her 40ies wearing denim jacket and a floral scarf.

Carola Rubia

Executive Director

Male in his 40ies wearing a light pink shirt

Andrés Beroggi

Business management and diversity manager

María Ignacia Rodríguez

Strategic Projects Coordinator

Dedicated Zero Project Support Staff

Christoph Almasy

Corporate Design Consultant
Almasy GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Martin Morandell

ICT Consultant
Smart in Life, Vienna, Austria

Petra Plicka

Graphic Facilitation Consultant
Petra C. Plicka, Vienna, Austria