Zeroproject Review 2015

The Zero Project team wish you all a Happy New Year and seize this opportunity to present you an overview of our work during the past year.

First of all, thanks to your generous contribution, we had received at the end of July 337 nominations on inclusive education and ICT from 98 countries. The success of this call was due to a large diffusion by our partners. A careful selection process followed, and about 100 of the Innovative Practices and Policies were picked to be part of our report. Its publication is expected in February. Also thanks to you, we kept updated our map with indicators on the implementation of the UN CRPD.

Throughout the year, the Zero Project was invited to present the results of its work in different fora and conferences all around the world:

In February we had our fourth and very successful Zero Project Conference in Vienna.

In March, we presented our 2015 report in front a high-level public of ambassadors, permanent mission and UN staff, as well as other NGOs, during the 28th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Mid-April, we organized an informal consultation with the CRPD Committee in Geneva.

Also in April, the Zero Project organized two conferences and published a report specific to Austria.

In June, four events featured the Zero Project at the 8th session of the CoSP to the UN CRPD in New York. By the way, you can also check out our download section for all our reports and press releases.

Also in June, Maths Jesperson presented the Zero Project Innovative Policy “Personal Ombudsmen System” at a conference organized by the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

In August, Michael Fembek presented a selection of successful practices on inclusive education during the 14th session of the CRPD Committee, in Geneva.

In October, the Zero Project attended the annual EASPD conference in Vienna.

At the end of October, we went to the UN DESA conference in Nairobi.

We also expended our partnerships, with international organisation like UNICEF as well as Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) and Disabled People’s Organisation (DPOs). Our previous report was also covered in the European Yearbook of Disability Law.

Many of our awardees from the 2015 report on independent living and political participation got mediatic and institutional attention. You can have a glimpse of the success stories of organisations from JamaicaSingaporeIndiaJapan, and many other countries on our website.