Nominationcall extended 2016

Today, we would like to say big thanks to all our partners for promoting our call. Please have a look at their websites below, they are doing an incredible work for persons with disabilities. So, from Geneva and with love, thank you our dear partners, you have been extremely helpful.

Thanks to EENET, the Enabling Education Network, who shared our call via its social media and in an e-mail to its subscription list,

Thanks to G3ict, The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs,

Thanks to GAATES, the Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments,

Thanks to ITU and their Digital Inclusion Newslog,

Thanks to ENIL, the European Network on Independent, and their wonderful newsletter,

Thanks to DPI, disabled people‘s international. Have a look at their Facebook and Twitter pages !

Thanks to DRPI, Disability Rights Promotion International,and their twitter.

Thanks to Light For The World, and have a look at their Facebook page as well.

Thanks to EASPD, the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities. They are very active on Twitter.

Thanks our dear friend Geoff Adams-Spink. Follow him on twitter and have a look at his website!

Thanks to the Center for Education Innovations. They are also Twitter addict.

Thanks to incluD-ed (La Red Europea de Educación Inclusiva y Discapacidad)
Thanks to AAATE (Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe)

Thanks to the contact center Superabile

Thanks to the Maecenata Institut

Thanks to UN DSPD/DESA (United Nation Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities)  for mentioning us in their recent newsletter

We tried not to miss anyone, tell us if we did.