30th May 2013 – The Zero Project at the 12th NNDR Research Conference in Turku

“What works in practice? The right (to) support? Findings of the Zero Project Report 2013 on employment rights of persons with disabilities” – with this title our Head of Policy Research, Ingrid Heindorf, will be presenting our research on 30th May 2013 at the 12th Research Conference of the Nordic Network on Disability, in Turku, Finland. The NNDR2013 conference is expecting 300 participants and the programme includes over 200 presentations. It brings together researchers, policy makers, activists and practitioners to share scholarship and ideas, and provides a forum for Nordic and international collaboration in disability studies. The conference is organized by Nordic Network of Disability Research and Finnish Association for Disability Research and keynote speakers are Eva Feder Kittay, Dan Goodley, Jan Grue and Kalle Könkkölä. The full programme is available here.

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