Shaping the Future: Self-Advocacy Leadership Summit
part of the International Forum and National Convention co-hosted by Inclusion International and The Arc

As part of their commitment to build self-advocacy leaders for inclusion, Inclusion International is proud and excited to host a global self-advocacy leadership summit. The leadership summit will be held on 27 October and will be a defining moment for global self-advocacy. The summit is an incredible opportunity for self-advocates to connect and be part of building self-advocacy everywhere. It will set the course for self-advocacy for inclusion and define what matters most to self-advocates around the world. The summit will also mark the launch of their global self-advocacy initiative.

For the last two years, Inclusion International has been talking with self-advocates, families and organisations about encouraging and empowering people to embrace self-advocacy. Through meetings, workshops and surveys, they have been listening to what people with intellectual disabilities say about what self-advocacy is and why it matters. They have been collecting resources and experiences from around the world about how they build and support self-advocacy for inclusion.

Their global self-advocacy initiative will provide a platform where people can access information, tools and resources to enable them to make self-advocacy a reality. The platform will provide a “one-stop-shop” to help:
·         self-advocates to learn about self-advocacy and connect with self-advocates around the world.
·         families to understand their role and give them guidance on how to build and support self-advocacy from birth.
·         supporters to develop their skills when they are supporting individuals.
·         organisations to become more inclusive, supports supporters, and ensure that self-advocates have the opportunities to participate and lead the organisation.

The aim of the platform is to help collect and share the good practices and efforts that exist already. The platform will be a key plank of our effort to build, support and profile self-advocacy leaders for inclusion.

They look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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